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Current News:

Akl Pharmacy has newly introduced to its nutrition product range ‘Vitarmonyl Kilo-Off’, an efficient diet produce which eliminates four kilograms in one month.

Starting october 2010, Akl Pharmacy will be offering the flu vaccine as subcutaneous injections with oral supplement tablets.

Upcoming Events:

Akl Pharmacy will be holding a promotion day for Avene Galenic products. Date will be announced very soon.

Recent Events:

Akl Pharmacy held on September 8, 2010 from 10:00am till 4:00pm a promotion for Nuxe laboratory latest products. During the  event, a Nuxe representative offered free facial care to invited clients and samples as well as  gifts and discounts on every purchase of any Nuxe cream.


Baby Care


Zwitsal Shampoo

A shampoo with a pH-balanced formula to gently cleanse and condition baby's sensitive skin and hair

Mustella Crème pour le Change

Helps protect skin against wetness and prevents chafing from diaper friction with the barrier effect of zinc oxide

Johnson baby Oil

Ideal for moisturising and massaging your baby's skin

Klorane Lotion

A nourishing lotion for dry, or very dry skin, redness and irritation of baby's body

Chicco Shampoo

Pure, simple, safe. It gentlycleanses baby's skin and hair


Provides active nasal cavity lavage, takes anti-inflammatory, moistening, cleansing effect and improves regeneration processes in nasal mucosa

Avent Feeding Bottle

A feeding bottle which promotes healthy, active feeding and works with baby's natural feeding rhythm

Nuk Soother

The NUK Teat has a shape that simulates that of the mother's nipple while breastfeeding and has also a soft and flexible baglet, which exerts only minimum pressure on the infants oral cavity.

Disney Princess Spoon and Fork Set

Your baby will enjoy his meal with the Disney Princess spoon and fork cutlery, featuring Ariel, Aurora and Cinderella

Corine de Farme 'Witch Will' Eau de Toilette

Will's fragrance, gay and fruity, is a sparkling feast of citrus, peach and plum






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