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Current News:

Akl Pharmacy has newly introduced to its nutrition product range ‘Vitarmonyl Kilo-Off’, an efficient diet produce which eliminates four kilograms in one month.

Starting october 2010, Akl Pharmacy will be offering the flu vaccine as subcutaneous injections with oral supplement tablets.

Upcoming Events:

Akl Pharmacy will be holding a promotion day for Avene Galenic products. Date will be announced very soon.

Recent Events:

Akl Pharmacy held on September 8, 2010 from 10:00am till 4:00pm a promotion for Nuxe laboratory latest products. During the  event, a Nuxe representative offered free facial care to invited clients and samples as well as  gifts and discounts on every purchase of any Nuxe cream.





For the relief of vaginal itching, burning and discharge associated with recurrent vaginal yeast infections


For the treatment of Vaginitis caused by sensitivity to Neomycin or Polymyxin B bacteria


For reducing bacteria that potentially can cause skin infection


For treating certain intestinal infections, liver infections and sexually transmitted diseases


Indicated after childbirth to help stop bleeding from the uterus


Gynaecological tablets for leukorrhoea of all etiologies, except those of gonococcal origin


For the treatment of certain symptoms of menopause such as dryness, burning, and itching of the vaginal area


For Irregular duration of cycles and irregular occurrence and duration of periods caused by progesterone deficiency


For Gynecological disturbances due to luteal deficiency


For the regulation of menstrual cycles


Indicated as a hormone replacement therapy and for the prevention of osteoporosis in women after the menopause


Indicated as a pregnancy prevention device, however it is also used to treat acne


For the treatment of infertility in women






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